Art for Sacred Spaces

"The artwork I received from Eleana blew me away. The color and shape is vibrant, elegant, and draws you in. She is not only artistically brilliant but is tuned into the energetic's of the painting. Every time I see the artwork she created, I am stuck by a sense of magic and wonder. I feel my bones shake with joy. Thank you so much for this Eleana. I will cherish it." 

Shelby Robbins, Wild Turtle Healing, Colorado, USA.  


Living Breathing Angels

"Eleana's paintings are like Angels, each a living, breathing being with it's own distinct qualities and effects. One emanating such stillness, depth and expansion that one look at it is to go immediately home; another welling up with a beautiful etherial presence, yet another radiating power and movement, the fiery and gentle grace behind all life.....and all of them better than any prayer i know" Writer, New Hampshire, USA.

See Artwork for Sale below. Contact me directly for sales and delivery information. Most paintings can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Paintings for Sale