Dolphin & Whale Sessions

Experience the joy and magic of swimming with dolphins and whales – from land!

Through a personal guided meditation, Eleana takes you on a magical adventure deep into the oceanic realms of the dolphins and whales. Eleana will introduce you to her friends and allies, each with their own specific energy signature and gift. For example our blessed Humpback whale takes us into the stillness of our being, deepening our connection with with earth; the higher dimensional energies of the crystalline dolphin tends to our “energy bodies”, and more recently the presence of Migaloo, the albino Humpback whale, whose shimmering presence is said to herald the dawning of our New Earth. Perhaps, most importantly, is the opportunity to quite simply receive their energy, assisting you to open your heart to greater experiences of love.

How does the session work?

The process is simple. Through the breath Eleana will lovingly guide you home to your heart from where she will introduces you to her family, the dolphins and whales. Eleana uses different tones and frequencies, guided by her higher levels as to that which is most appropriate for each person. This is a live event with no background tapes or music. You will receive a recording of the event to listen to time and time again. 

Eleana Oceanheart has a  unique, lifelong connection with the dolphins and whales. Much of her life has been spent in their physical presence around the world. For several years she lived amongst the Spotted dolphins in The Bahamas, and later in Maui, Hawaii where she kayaked daily with the Humpback whales. Eleana also has the amazing ability to telepathically connect with different species of cetaceans across the world, as well as their higher dimensional forms. Eleana is a conduit for dolphin and whale consciousness.

How can I benefit from these sessions?

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Opens the heart to greater feelings of love
  • Awakens joy and  playfulness
  • Connects you with stillness of your being
  • No need to dramamine!

The sessions lasts 30 minutes. Please use the contact form below to enquire about bookings. **Please note that although one may receive “healing” from this personal meditation, it is strongly advised that if you are wanting to address a specific illness or issue, you book a private session. 

Dolphins and whales are highly intelligent, sentient beings. Words cannot fully express the extent of the gifts they bring to humankind, and our earth at this time. Put simply, they show us how to live and be in connection with ourselves, each other and the earth. They teach us to be present in our hearts and deeply anchored in our beings. They offer us the gift of living and learning through play and joy, and freedom from our old limiting patterns, thought forms and beliefs. Most importantly perhaps is their ability to awaken us to our essential nature: that of love. These are transformational times. The dolphins and whales are assisting us in birthing into a new consciousness, a new earth, one anchored in heart and unity consciousness. 

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