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Come join me on a oceanic journey, home to your heart and home to you. Held in the loving embrace of my oceanic and star being friends, we take a magical journey into the depths of your soul. Through gentle listening, sonic frequencies of sound and light, we clear out the old soul imprints and energies. 

As we clear the decks, you are then able to return home to you, connecting with your pure essence of love and joy and awakening your body's natural vibrancy and radiance!

The work is simple, profound and life-changing, grounded in my 26 years experience of the Healing Arts, combined with a lifetime of deep soul journeying with the Dolphins & Whales.


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More about Healing

If you here no doubt, like myself, you have journeyed deeply. As old souls we have had so many lives and all that leaves an imprint not only in our bodies but in our souls.  It feels like we have been doing this healing work for eons – i understand ! So, the good news is that now this is the time when we can begin to truly be free of it all – yes really ! The high vibrational energies showering earth right now, force up all those old layers, giving us the opportunity to clear them out for good. Our spiritual families have also never been so present and if we allow their loving support into our lives they can work miracles. Patterns manifest in a myriad of ways, sickness, anxiety, depression etc: and many patterns are stubborn and tricky. However, now is the time when with patience and love we can be free of them too. As we clear we are able to return home to who we truly are. We are then able to activate the “Codes of Consciousness”, these are the goodies we have carried throughout lifetimes containing pure golden gifts, our skills, our passions, our blueprint for a new life. We then also awaken the bodies natural ability to regenerate and renew, returning home to vibrancy and well being. 

how i can help you

Whether it is in person or remotely, i work directly with the body. I use sound; the light language, the songs of our ancestors, whatever comes to me through universal consciousness. If guided to i may sing you your soul song, a beautiful precious gift taking you deep into your heart and soul. 

My background in Holistic & Energy Medicine provides me with a solid, grounded platform from which to work, allowing me to navigate around your system with more clarity, sensativity and awareness. I hold a safe, loving container, a space for you to journey through all the archaic debris to come home to you!

I have a great passion for assisting women dive into their wombs and reclaim their divine feminine aspect and connect with their pearlescent beauty, power and passion.

As we move into the New Paradigm our bodies are undertaking rapid and intense transformation. I am able to assist in the activation of your light bodies and your crystalline structure; tools that support the body move gracefully and joyfully into the New Earth. 

"We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps  off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a  chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find  benefits that will change his or her life forever" 

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Professional Qualifications

Diploma in Shiatsu and Teaching, British School of Shiatsu, London (Dip BSS). Post-Graduate Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy, Craniosacral Education Trust, London (CTET). 


Oceanheart Healing


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One Hour Energy Healing Session with Eleana Oceanheart