The Sacred Land of Jesua & Magdalene
Retreat - Bugarach, France

with Eleana Oceanheart & Astaria Woods

3rd - 9th September 2022

Join us for a magical, life-changing retreat

In Southern France, in a region called the Aude, is a very special area; once home to Jesua and Magdalene. This sacred land is imbibed with their love, a magical place with many magical, high-vibrational energies and portals of light. 

Eleana Oceanheart and Astaria Woods will be co-facilitating the event at Astaria’s retreat centre which is directly below the famous Bugarach Mountain – see our video below!

 A unique opportunity to deeply receive the energies of this magical, sacred land. Experience greater heart opening, joy and liberation: a coming home to your true self. 

Every day we will visit the powerful, sacred sites of the area, many of which are known only to the locals. As we connect with the energies of the land we will be working with movement and sound to deepen our experiences. Eleana will be offering dance and Astaria will be accompanying with intuitive sound, using the drum and voice. Some of our dance will take place in the retreat centre where there will space for your own personal self-expression and also an opportunity for impromptu musical soirees! 

Please note the beautiful, brown cat in the video is “Roo” who lives in the centre so be aware those of you with with cat allergies.

An intimate gathering – Only 4 people! 

Cost: £1350

Deposit of £250 required on booking (non-refundable). Full Amount to be paid by 15th August 2022

If you are interested in our retreat we ask that you join Astaria and myself on a 15 minute Zoom call where we can answer any of your questions or concerns. Use the contact below at the bottom of the page. 

What is included 

  • 5 days of excursions and activities, including all transport 
  • Breakfast & evening meal including all drinks – you are responsible for your lunch purchased daily from local shops
  • Food is home cooked, and where possible, organic 
  • Transportation to and from Carcassonne Airport/Train Station 
  • Your own accommodation in single or double room 
  • Not included – YOUR FLIGHT

Who We Are

Eleana Oceanheart

Astaria Woods

Artist, Author and Facilitator for Embodied Dance, based in England.  Eleana is passionate about dance; it’s ability to bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, the universe and each other. She creates artwork for sacred spaces around the world, high-vibrational paintings that support businesses of our New Earth. Eleana has a unique and profound connection with the Dolphins and Whales, infusing her work with fluidity, joy and love. She is a regular visit to Astaria’s centre.   

Astaria Woods has been living on this magical land for three years. She was guided to create a retreat centre opposite the sacred mountain Bugarach, enabling people to connect with these loving energies. This brings powerful shifts in ones lives. Astaria is passionate about helping people clear whatever is holding them back from living more liberated and joyful lives, she has been doing this for 27 years. She is highly intuitive and uses sound with her work, primarily the drum and her voice. Astaria is also is very connected to the nature kingdoms.  

Contact me for more information & bookings