Dolphin & Whale Retreat


Dolphins & Whales - A New Earth (MP3 Package)

  • Open your HEART to experience greater LOVE & JOY
  • Receive Quantum HEALING from the Dolphins & Whales through their Sonic frequencies of SOUND and LIGHT
  • Activate the bodies ability to regenerate and renew
  • Activate New Codes of Consciousness
  • Work and Play with different species of Dolphins & Whales as they share their specific gifts and teachings
  • Anchor more deeply within your body 
  • An invitation to experience a more graceful, gentle, joyful transition into New Earth held in the loving embrace of my oceanic family the Dolphins & Whales


Powerful Healing Meditations & Activations

  • This on-line retreat consists of  5 x MP3 downloads (2 hours 50 Minutes). Listen, time and time again and anchor Dolphin & Whale Consciousness in your daily  life!

  1. New Earth I (30 mins) Connect with Orca Whale, Golden Dolphin, Spotted Dolphins and Beluga Whales.
  2. New Earth II ( 30 Mins) Connect with the Manta Ray, Crystalline Dolphin, Pilot Whales and Bottlenose Dolphin & Golden Dolphin.
  3. Golden Dolphin (30Mins) - A deeper journey into the Energy of the Golden Dolphin bringing regeneration and rejuvenation of the body.
  4. Whale Meditation (20 Mins) Journey into the world of the Humpback Whale with tuning fork 528 Hz.
  5. Global Pod Gathering - 22nd April (60 Mins) Here we journey to Kaikoura in New Zealand connecting with Beluga Whales, Dusky Dolphins, Sperm Whales, Blue Whales , Crystalline Dolphins. An opportunity to dive into an OCEAN OF LOVE.


Happy Dolphin Souls!

 "I invested in Eleana's Dolphins & Whales—A New Earth MP3 package a week before I traveled to Costa Rica to swim with free dolphins and whales in the wild. I had heard Eleana's transmissions on interview shows and respected her experiences of dolphins and whales through wild encounters, in combination with perceiving their energetic, luminous aspects. I wanted to prepare for my trip by attuning my heart to the experience I would have. The recordings did that and more. They helped open me up to the fullness of witnessing whales with their newborn babies and also a superpod of dolphins. When I returned home, I listened to all the recordings again to reconnect with the energy. The pure, wise, heartfelt beauty of the downloads goes right to my heart and still has the power to bring me to joyful tears. Eleana appreciates and fully expresses the uniqueness of each species she brings through to interact with you. For those who for right now are swimming in the seas of their imagination, Eleana captures the exact feeling and will take you right there to a deep sense of love for yourself and for this New Earth.'


Dolphins & Whales - A New Earth


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Within 24 hours of payment you will receive the downloads in MP3 format via DROPBOX.  (Normal Price £25)


 "I would like to express my gratitude for such an incredible event. The amount of love that came through was astounding. Eleana has this gift of bringing through the vibration of these wonderful creatures each one slightly different. I thoroughly recommend people to buy this and to be bathed in these very high vibrational frequencies which are so healing and an activation of the codes of consciousness within the body and so much more" . 

Eleana Oceanheart

The Dolphins & Whales are lovingly guiding and supporting humanity at this all important time on planet Earth. The gifts and blessings they bring are are bountiful and yet beyond words. In essence they activate our hearts, awakening us to the love that we are whilst anchoring us deeply in our bodies and being. I have a profound lifelong connection with the Dolphins & Whales and act as pure conduit for Dolphin & Whale Consciousness. It is my greatest joy and honour to now share with you the life-long teachings and activations the Dolphins & Whales have shared with me. Allow yourself to receive Dolphins & Whale Energy and step into a world of Magic, Miracles and Quantum Healing!