Energy Healing with Eleana


Peace, Power & Passion

Welcome! I am an Intuitive Energy Healer with over 25 years worldwide experience. Based here in England, i offer private sessions both in person and on-line.  My work is all about diving right to heart of the issue, clearing out the old programming and patterns that prevent you from truly living.

I have a deep commitment to the path of conscious heart  awakening. Having experienced and superseded many intense health issues and life situations, I draw upon a wealth of experience and a heart wide open. 

It is my passion to assist you in returning home to you, to live life with peace, power and passion.These sessions are for those ready to dive deeply, seeking liberation & quantum shifts in all aspects of their lives


Gentle, Loving & Safe

I offer a safe, loving container, where everything is welcome. We address whatever is presenting in your life: relationship difficulties, abundance issues, chronic health problems or simply the feeling that there must be more to life!  

Whether it is in person or remotely we connect through your body. My background in Shiatsu and  Craniosacral Therapy, allows me to navigate your system with great sensitivity, clarity and awareness.  Like the Dolphins and Whales, i work through sound, breaking up the old patterns and emotions.  So often we carry patterns through multiple incarnations. We will journey back in time to the very beginning.  All of this work is deeply grounded in the heart and as we clear the decks we return home to our core essence: that of joy and love. 


Professional Qualifications

Diploma in Shiatsu and Teaching, British School of Shiatsu, London (Dip BSS). Post-Graduate Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy, Craniosacral Education Trust, London (CTET).  

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Real Testimonials

"Exceptionally gifted at her craft"

I have had several Energy Healing sessions with Eleana and find her to be exceptionally gifted at her craft. She is one of those rare individuals who can tune-in to the depths and heights of a being, using the body as her portal. She is exquisitely perceptive, highly intuitive and extremely skilled at moving stuck energies. She is able to translate her refined sensibilities into powerfully effective healing touch for an array of concerns from pain relief, to increased mobility, or general upliftment. If you are looking for a multidimensional treatment, one that can access the many aspects of healing, Eleana is the one. 

Debra Green, Energy Specialist, Maui, Hawaii.  

"Held in high vibrational love"

When I connect with Eleana for a treatment I feel held in high vibrational love. Eleana clears the decks of everything that is holding us back with her highly attuned intuition and sensitivity. Her treatments are profound and she goes right to the core of the issue often with the use of her amazing voice. Eleana is a highly evolved cosmic being who is deeply connected to the whole universe and her beloved oceanic realms. As she sings to clear the energies, the Kahunas of Hawaii come through with such love and gentleness. We are truly blessed to have Eleana Oceanheart here on the earth right now to help us move into greater love.  

Astaria Woods, Shamanic Sound Healer, France.  

"The experience was truly spiritual and liberating"

 I was able to have an energy healing session with Eleana Oceanheart in Rome, Italy. She used her gifts to assist me with clearing some negative energies that were holding me back and keeping me from achieving my full potential. The experience was truly spiritual and liberating. I felt the vibrational flow of the universe cleansing my essence of the negative and filling me with positive creative light. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in tapping into the limitless potential we have as human beings. Thank you Eleana for the session in Rome and your ongoing support!  

Ashlin Martin, Global Strategist, Salt Lake City, USA  

More about my Healing Work

If you here, no doubt like myself, you have journeyed deeply. As old souls we have had so many lives and all that leaves an imprint not only in our bodies but in our souls.  It feels like we have been doing this healing work for eons – i understand ! So, the good news is that now this is the time when we can begin to truly be free of it all ! The high vibrational energies showering earth right now, force up all those old layers, giving us the opportunity to clear them out for good. Our spiritual families have also never been so present and if we allow their loving support into our lives they can work miracles. Patterns manifest in a myriad of ways, sickness, anxiety, depression etc: and many patterns are stubborn and tricky. However, now is the time, when with patience and love we can be free of them too. 

As we clear, we are able to return home to who we truly are,  activating the “Codes of Consciousness”, the goodies we have carried throughout lifetimes containing pure golden gifts, our skills, our passions, our blueprint for a new life. We can also then start to awaken the bodies natural ability to regenerate and renew, returning home to vibrancy and radiance ready to claim our Golden Sovereingty.