Global Pod Gathering 22nd April - Recording


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One Hour Dolphin & Whale Energy Transmisson with Eleana Oceanheart - Nelson, New Zealand 

Receive energy downloads and activations from the Beluga Whales, the Dusky Dolphins, the Sperm and Blue Whales. Also the higher dimensional Crystalline Dolphins. A deeply nurturing, healing and fulfilliing experience. 

"I would like to express my gratitude for such an incredible event. The amount of love that came through was astounding. Eleana has this gift of bringing through the vibration of these wonderful creatures each one slightly different. I thoroughly recommend people to buy this and to be bathed in these very high vibrational frequencies which are so healing and an activation of the codes of consciousness within the body and so much more" 

Astaria Woods, Shamanic Healer, France.

A New Earth - Dolphin & Whale Retreat

Magic, Joy & Transformation - come join the POD!

Right now we are birthing into a New Earth. The Dolphins & Whales with their high vibrational energies are lovingly guiding and supporting us. The gifts and blessings they bring to humanity at this time are bountiful and yet beyond words. In essence, they bring us home to our hearts, to experience deeper levels of love, joy and peace, whilst helping anchor us more deeply into our bodies, to keep grounded and steady during these rock and roll times.  Eleana Oceanheart has a lifelong connection with the Dolphins & Whales and being guided to offer this course at this all important time in our planets evolution.

Work & Play with Dolphin & Whale Consciousness

  • This exciting new live on-line course will teach you how to work directly with Dolphin & Whale Consciousness. It  offers you the opportunity to bring the loving presence of the Cetaceans into your dally life in simple, yet practical ways, facilitating a more loving, joyful and graceful  transition into our New Earth.  The Dolphins and Whales have specifically guided me to offer this course; a rare and golden opportunity to receive the many gifts and teachings they have shared with me during my life.

  • I have a profound life-long connection with the Dolphins & Whales and act as a conduit for Dolphin & Whale Consciousness. I have spent much of my life in deep communion with these divine oceanic beings, anchoring their love and joy into my heart and soul.  It is my great joy and honour to now share with you these beautiful and bountiful blessings and teachings.

Join Eleana & her oceanic family NOW!

  • This 6 week course will comprise of 5 live on-line Seminars plus our monthly Global Pod Gathering. All of these will be recorded for you to download and keep.

  • Two Seminars will be direct transmissions, one from the Whales and one from the Dolphins, each of which will be followed by a workshop, enabling you to fully integrate the energies throughout your physicality and bring any questions you may have. 

  • I will show you how to connect with the different Dolphin & Whale Species, each with their own specific energy signature and gift that supports you and your body with the intense energetic shifts taking place. For instance, the Whales teach us how to connect with our core essence, our "i am" presence, taking us deeply into peace so you can maintain this in any and all situations; sonic healing to bring vibrancy and regeneration to the body and finally and most importantly opening our hearts to experience pure bliss!

  • Our final Seminar “Heart of One” will be a guided journey home to the time of Lemuria. Here we have the opportunity to dissolve ancient soul wounds, activate codes of consciousness from these times and return home to the experience of Oneness. 

  • A Facebook Page will be created to provide a Global Pod Community of Dolphin & Whale Spirits around the world. Come join the POD, dive deeply into the realms of the Dolphins and Whales; dance and play in an Ocean of Love, Joy and Connecti

Global Pod Gatherings

Global Pod Gathering - 16th July 2017

Eleana Oceanheart has a profound,  lifelong connection with Dolphins & Whales having spent much of her life connecting with them, both in the physical and spiritual realms. During this One Hour Meditation, Eleana guides us into our hearts and takes us on a journey into the beauty, magic and mystery of the oceanic realms.   

She brings us into conscious connection with her friends and family, the mighty Humpback Whales, the playful Spinner Dolphins and also the higher dimensional Dolphins and beings. This is an opportunity to deeply receive beautiful oceanic energies and dive ever more deeply into your pure essence; that of love, peace and joy.