Global Pod Gathering - Download 16th July 2017


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During this powerful One Hour Meditation, Eleana Ocenheart guides us into our hearts and takes us on a journey into the beauty, magic and mystery of the oceanic realms, bringing us into conscious connection with her friends and family the Dolphins & Whales. An opportunity to deeply receive beautiful oceanic energies and dive ever more deeply into your pure essence; that of love, peace and joy.   This is an unedited recording of the event. There is no background music. It also contains moments of silence, just pure energetic tones and frequencies! Within 24 hours of payment you will receive MP4 file download.

"I have never experienced a meditation like the one Eleana transmitted on Sunday. I felt wrapped in an Ocean of Love feeling all of the Oceanic Beings swim with us. Their vibration of love flowed through my body helping me to release emotional baggage. I sobbed, not all the way through, but at the beginning, middle and end! I now have a Humpback Whale with me! I feel as though i am still in the ocean. Eleana's meditation is a transmission of love."  M Clarke, Writer, UK.