Dolphin & Whale Ambassador

Eleana Oceanheart has a profound, lifelong connection with the Dolphin & Whales and acts as a pure conduit for Dolphin & Whale Consciousness. As a child, growing up miles from the Ocean, they filled her dreams and consciousness and since this time they have been her friends and allies on  a profound journey of heart awakening. 

Having spent many years in communion with the Humpback Whales off Maui, Hawaii and with the Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas, Eleana has fully anchored the essence of these divine oceanic beings deep within her soul She carries both the lightness and joy of the Dolphins together with the depth and wisdom of the Whales, a potent combination!

Eleana shares her bountiful blessings with us through one-to-one Dolphin Energy Sessions, Global Pod Gatherings and Dolphin & Whale Retreats. She also shares her communications from what she calls the "Global Pod Consciousness"

"I have never experienced a meditation like the one Eleana transmitted on Sunday. I felt wrapped in an Ocean of Love feeling all of the Oceanic Beings swim with us. Their vibration of love flowed through my body helping me to release emotional baggage. I sobbed, not all the way through, but at the beginning, middle and end! I now have a Humpback Whale with me! Eleana's meditation is a transmission of love" M Clarke, Writer, England.

Birthing a New Earth

Dolphins and Whales known collectively as Cetaceans are both highly intelligent mammals and multidimensional  beings. Words cannot fully express the extent of the gifts they bring to humankind at this time. Put simply, they show us how to live and be in connection with ourselves, each other and the earth. They teach us to be present in our hearts and deeply anchored in our beings. They show us the gift of living and learning through joy and love and freedom from old patterns, limiting thought forms and beliefs. They bring us the gift of vibrational sound work offering healing and bringing miracles into our lives. They are deeply connected with our earth and provide her with energetic support. Most importantly they bring the gift of LOVE showing us that “IN ESSENCE WE ARE LOVE”. These are transformational times. The Dolphins and Whales are here to help us  BIRTH A NEW EARTH one grounded in LOVE & ONENESS.

Dolphin & Whale Energy Sessions

  • Receive Dolphin & Whale Sonic Healing
  • Activate Dolphin & Whale Consciousness
  • Open heart to give and receive greater love
  • Awaken sense of joy and play 
  • Activate Codes of Consciousness 
  • Explore Lemurian and Atlantean connections
  • Anchor into greater love and deeper peace

With great gentleness and love Eleana will guide you into your Heart and through voice and sound transmit the loving energies of the Dolphins & Whales.  Eleana has the amazing ability to connect with different species of Cetaceans across the World as well as higher dimensional Dolphins and Whales. She will introduce you to her friends and allies, each with their own energy signature and gift. For example the blessed Humpback Whale takes us deeply into stillness and deepens our connection with the Earth, the higher dimensional energies of the Crystalline Dolphin tends to our “energy bodies” and recently the energy of Mingaloo, the albino Humpback Whale, whose presence is said to herald The Golden Age. 

These sessions are an opportunity to receive the abundant gifts, blessings and healings these divine oceanic beings wish to offer humanity at this all important time. An opportunity to  anchor deeply into your heart and being allowing you to move joyfully and gracefully into our New Earth.

Global Pod Gatherings

Always felt a deep kindship with the Dolphins & Whales? Does your soul yearn to be in the presence of these divine oceanic beings? If so, you are in the right place! Global Pod Gatherings are events taking place around the world for people wanting to connect more deeply with Dolphins & Whale Energy. These take the form of on-line Webinars or small land based groups around the world. 

Together as a POD,  we will dive into the magic and mystery of the oceanic realms, connecting with and playing with Dolphin and Whale Consciousness. We will work with Sound and journey with meditation. We will explore our Atlantean and Lemurian origins returning to the Heart of Oneness. An opportunity to learn the tools and skills taught to me by the Cetaceans; bringing more joy, love and fluidity into your daily life. A transformational, ecstastic journey home to the heart of Oneness! 

Dolphin & Whale Energy Session - One Hour


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Dolphin & Whale Energy Session - One Hour with Eleana Oceanheart - England

Dolphin & Whale Energy Session - 30 Minutes


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Dolphin & Whale Energy Session - 30 Minutes with Eleana Oceanheart - England

“In our opinion, talking about the splendour of our kindship with dolphins and whales and the awesome and substantial gifts they offer us does not do justice to how far-reaching the effects go. Working and relating on that level takes us into a a deep, deep heart place where neither the conscious mind nor language can follow….It takes courage and a huge open heart to be willing to serve as a guide in such a venture. We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find benefits that will change his or her life forever.” Hodges, Gentle Way Counselling, Oregon, USA.     

Global Pod Messages

Bottlenose Dolphins

  • We come to you in this moment in Love. As you hear out words take a gentle breath in. As you breathe out, close your eyes and sink gently into your Heart. As you do so allow your heart to gently open and expand. In essence, we are all Love. The world in it’s moment of creation was done so with Love. At the core of every living being,  lies Love. As your planet is infused by ever increasing waves of Love, we are invited to open our hearts to more and more Love. Man and woman kind we know suffer much in their lives at this time. Know that when there is pain in the heart it is a sign that the heart is opening to ever greater levels of Love. When you feel pain there is a temptation to leave this area, perhaps even leave your beloved body but we invite you to stay present with your pain. Simply breathe into your heart and as you do so become ever aware of that which lies underneath, your essential nature, Love. We the Dolphins & Whales invite you to breathe deeply into your heart and discover your essential nature, Love. As the field of Love grows ever stronger, you will no longer have need of your protection but be englobed in Love and one day quite simply will…… BE LOVE 

Spotted Dolphins

  • We are with you ALWAYS….there is no separation. WE ARE ONE. Enter into the STILLNESS of your BEING and BREATHE. Let the breath flow deep into your being, your I AM presence; BREATHE. As you breathe, breath deep into your HEART. Let the energy of your heart expand. Open your heart, let it expand outwards into the space and BREATHE. Fill the space with the energy of your HEART…LOVE.  In this moment, i a Spotted Dolphin comes infront of your heart. Feel the waves of sonar pulsing, feel them now in your heart, feel them travelling through your body and BREATHE. Here we are in this moment HEART to HEART. Let all be healed in this MOMENT, release all that is not of LOVE.  Feel my sonar penetrate deep into your being, deep into the BONES….BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE. We are joined now by a POD of Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins. We swim around you and form a DOLPHIN MERKABA, an energy matrix holding you in safety, Love & Light. Be Well, Be Blessed…WE LOVE YOU.