Oceanheart Dance

  • Bring your consciousness home to the heart
  • Express whatever is “alive” in the moment
  • Explore your own unique expression
  • Activate joy and passion
  • Come home to your true self 

Wild & Free Classes

Dance has to be one of the greatest pleasures here on Earth!  As we move our bodies to music we get to experience joy and freedom, clearing the decks of all the old crap, and returning home to the truth of who we are – love! 

“Oceanheart Dance”  is my own unique expression of Conscious Dance. Quite simply, we hand the power back to the body, allowing it to move and express. No steps, no format, just a space for you to find your own unique expression and be your authentic, expansive self! No previous experience is required and it really doesn’t need to look pretty! Everything is welcome here. 

The work has evolved from my absolute passion for dance, a background in bodywork and energy medicine, a training in Dance of Awareness *, and perhaps most importantly my own journey of deep, body diving. Time and time again I am witness to the body’s innate intelligence, it’s ability to self-heal and bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the universe – da dah! The dance of divinity!

The energies of my oceanic family, the dolphins and whales, are ever present in our classes amplifying the frequencies of lightness, joy and fluidity! Where possible we dance next to the ocean or in nature – what could be better!?

NEWS!!! Weekly Zoom Classes “Wild & Free” are back soon!

* Dance of Awareness is a joyful and exciting exploration of what it is to be in a body, moving in response to inner awareness and outer connectedness. It is a group movement practice, based on developmental psychology and psychoanalytic theory. It draws on character styles, Authentic Movement, 5 Rhythms and mindfulness practice. Created by Tim Brown and Claire Osbond.

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