Oceanheart Dance

  • Dance whatever is “alive” for you – the light and the dark
  • Open your heart and awaken your core essence of love and joy
  • Activate the body’s natural ability to self-heal
  • Deepen your connection within your community
  • Come home to your authentic self

About Eleana Oceanheart

  • Eleana is passionate about dance. She offers inspiration to those who wish to listen to the body’s innate  intelligence, it’s ability to self-heal and bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the universe. 
  • Throughout time Dance has been used as a healing modality in many indigenous cultures, an element very alive in the work. Eleana will often guide you in the creation of your our own unique healing dance for specific issues in your life. Many of the classes take place in the wilds of nature where you are encouraged to listen to the deeper energetics of the earth and how they express themselves through the body. Much of what Eleana offers is truly beyond words!
  • Oceanheart Dance is Eleana’s own unique style of Conscious Dance. Grounded in her training with Dance of Awareness (Brighton School for Embodied Therapy), it combines her extensive experience in the field of bodywork and energy medicine, and perhaps most importantly, her own personal journey of deep diving! The energies of her oceanic family the dolphins and whales are ever present in her classes, amplifying the frequencies of lightness, joy and fluidity.

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