Art Commissions

“Eleana’s paintings are like little Angels,

each a living, breathing being, and all of them better than any prayer I know”

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More about the process

One of my greatest joys is creating bespoke works of art for clients homes or businesses. Grounded in my work as an energy healer, each work of art is created by streaming pure universal energies onto canvas, together with paint. These paintings evolve into living, breathing beings, bringing not only beauty and elegance to your space but radiance, love and joy.

My palette is rich in experiences as well as colour. As a worldwide traveller, I have visited many sacred sites around the globe. Each country has gifted me with the energies of the land and her ancestors. The Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha features strongly in my work as do my oceanic family the dolphins and whales.

Each painting is a co-creation with the client. In our initial meeting, we discuss your intentions for your art. There may be a specific feeling or energy you wish to bring into your sacred space. Throughout the whole process, I am working with your higher levels and spiritual entourage, fully anchoring your divine creation here on earth — a journey of magic and transformation.

I offer a range of sizes and prices and can also deliver worldwide. Click above to request your free 20-minute appointment and let the magic begin.