Venus Rising by Eleana Oceanheart

Essence Creations

These commissioned paintings work beautifully for people who value sacred space and personal transformation. Each work of art not only brings beauty and elegance to your space, but is a living breathing being offering support and love. 

We will journey together on a co-creative adventure of magic and alchemy. As you express your desires and intentions, I will energetically anchor these onto canvas. Your completed painting become a beautiful expression of your vision, firmly anchoring it's presence here on Earth. 

Here are some examples of painting intentions:  

  • Healing Room - Support for Client & Practitioner 
  • Meditation Space
  • Love Sanctuary - Meeting Place for Beloveds
  • Conference Room - Supporting New Conscious Businesses
  • Nursery - Welcoming New Born to Earth

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A Magical Journey


Here's what happens!

  • We discuss your intention for the painting. It could simply be a feeling or or energy you wish to invoke. I can help you with that too if it's not clear. 
  • I tune into your higher levels and soul imprint and channel the beings and energies that wish to be present.
  • Over the coming days/weeks your canvas will be painted with layer upon layer of color, infused with exquisite energetic tones and frequencies. 
  • Each work of art contains codes of consciousness that activate the DNA throughout the life of the painting. 
  • Transformation Healing will be received throughout the process, bringing you into deeper connection with your authentic self and giving you direct access to the loving support of your entourage.
  • The final result - a powerful, beautiful creation, a living manifestation of your hopes and dreams. 

A variety of sizes are available and I can deliver Globally. Also available for on-site creations around the world.

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Eleana Oceanheart - The Artist

It is a great honor and joy to create these individual paintings; an intimate and beautiful process. It's difficult to express in words the true nature and depth of this work. These paintings are multi-dimensional beings that will support you throughout  the lifetime of the painting.

During the creative process, I am continually working with your higher levels, communicating with your entourage and your soul.  We go way beyond the ego levels, connecting with your divine essence and bringing expression to those aspects of your being ready to be visible. This process becomes one of transformational healing as old patterns and energies get transmuted. 

The paintings are rich both in color and energy.  As I connect with Creator Consciousness, I will channel many different beings and energies.  The Dolphins and Whales show up regularly bringing their energies of love, fluidity and joy. There are activations from the powerful places I have visited around the world,  and the Sacred Feminine is ever present with her fierce, yet tender love. 

Each creation contains numerous codes of consciousness bringing depth, richness and vibrancy to your life. An opportunity to connect with your sovereign self, fully embody your divinity here on Earth and bring your unique creation into the world. 

Eleana’s paintings are like little Angels, each a living, breathing being with its own distinct qualities and effects; one emanating such stillness, depth and expansion that one look at it is to go immediately Home; another welling up with a beautiful, ethereal presence; yet another radiating power and movement, the fiery and gentle silent grace behind all life…… and all of them better than any prayer I know.  

CMN– Writer, New Hampshire,  USA


Happy Clients


Bones shake with Joy

  • "The artwork I received from Eleana blew me away. The color and shape is vibrant, elegant, and draws you in. She is not only artistically brilliant but is tuned into the energetic's of the painting. Every time I see the artwork she created, I am struck by a sense of magic and wonder. I feel my bones shake with joy. Thank you so much for this Eleana. I will cherish it." 



Healing Love

  • Eleana’s work is a testimony to the joyful and loving soul that she is. Each piece emanates an extraordinary moving energy which i believe she is channelling into this dimension for the healing benefit of all Beings. I have here “Heart of the Ocean” in my therapy room, which was channelled from Dolphin Energy – and all who visit feel this living and breathing connection. Her pictures are flowing with healing love and joyful communication to all who open themselves to them."



Gift of Love

  • When I asked Eleana to create an expression for me, of a painting on canvas, I sensed that she would engage with all her beautiful being and intuition. Eleana ‘tuned' into an aspect of my being that was asking for this expression, rather than from my ego or mental idea of a ‘piece of art’. When the painting was complete, it was indeed an energetic, energised flow of beautiful shapes, strokes and colours. I sat with it for many weeks to immerse myself in the expression until I felt ready to let it go onto a wall where I would see it and feel it every day as a familiar, warm glow of love. Eleana’s expressions of art seem to me to be gifts of love from the heart, nothing less. Kat from Devon 


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