Dancing with the White Whale: A Journey Home to Love

“This is a beautifully written book. Eleana’s courage in offering readers, through her own biography, an insight into how we can all turn our lives around from sickness to health, from fear to Love and from a timid, asthmatic child to a fully empowered woman, is a gift to so many of us. Through the magical connection she experiences with the dolphins and whales throughout her life, she discovers her own ability to consciously breathe her way into the Source of Love itself in all of its glory. It’s a page turner.” Rev Hilary Franklin, One Spirit Interfaith Minister

“This beautiful inspiring, can’t put down book, touched my heart. The openness and courage of Eleana was shared for all to see and truly inspired me. She is a living advocate for the message of her book, that love truly does conquer all. A beautiful story written by a very beautiful soul. Thank you Eleana for sharing.” Maia Ana