About Eleana

Welcome! I am a Visionary Artist, Author & Facilitator for Embodied Dance. In essence, my work is all about  “coming home”. I am passionate about helping people return home to their hearts, and home to their true selves, so life can be lived with a palpable sense of freedom, expansion and joy.

Since childhood I’ve had a unique and profound connection with the dolphins and whales. They have been my friends and allies, guiding and supporting on a powerful journey of awakening that has taken me across the globe. All that I offer is imbibed with their loving, magical energies.

As an Artist, I create multidimensional works of art for sacred spaces, specialising in paintings for businesses of our New Earth. I offer embodied dance classes and creative expression workshops assisting people to awaken to their essence, their pure creator consciousness. I currently live in East Sussex, England, by the sea, of course!

I have over 25 years experience in the field of holistic medicine and intuitive energy healing. My passion for what I consider the natural intelligence of the body, together with my profound connection with the universe, and depth of human experiences, powerfully informs my work. I am a seasoned traveller on this path called “life”, offering a space of both lightness and depth.  In my previous life, I worked in film and television at the BBC in London.

In 2016, whilst visiting Hawaii, I underwent a life changing near-death experience. After acute respiratory failure, in an induced coma, my spirit left my body, and returned to the very heart of creation. On returning I was not only free from the asthma symptoms that had plagued me for almost two decades, but was gifted with the profound awareness that  in essence of all life is consciousness: the energy of love.

You can read more in my book “Dancing with the White Whale: A Journey Home to Love”.