About Me

Welcome! I am a Visionary Artist & Healer, Dolphin & Whale Ambassador and Free Dancer. 

I am here to assist you on your journey of heart awakening, your remembrance of who you truly are. You are here on Earth to experience deeper love, greater joy and connection. Everything that you experience in this life is an opportunity to deepen into this experience, to return home to you and fully claim your Golden Sovereignty.

I work with individuals, groups and corporations around with world, either in person or via the internet. I am here to inspire people to come home to who they truly are and live juicy, joyful lives. My paintings and prints support you on this journey of awakening, bringing beauty and love to your heart, home and business.

All that is expressed here was birthed from the wondrous, creative energies of Maui, Hawaii under the watchful eyes of the mighty Pele. Here, i went through profound life-changing experiences that enabled me to anchor deeply into the frequency of love and my own divine essence. It was here that i took on my name Oceanheart expressing my deep love of the Ocean and my oceanic family the Dolphins and Whales.

I am currently based in Hertfordshire,  England. My offerings are truly heartfelt, authentic and transformational…pulses of the universe travelling through my heart to yours. Let's Dance!

My Story

My journey is "extraordinary ordinary"

Welcome! I am a passionate follower of my heart and soul. I have always followed the inner callings of my soul, embracing all that comes on that juicy journey. It is one that has guided me to many beautiful and sacred places upon this Earth and equally one that has taken me through many dark nights of the soul.  There is not much i haven't t experienced on a human level, near death experiences, severe illness and adverse life situations. However, all of this has brought me strongly home to me, to live with a heart wide open and know myself as love. If  gifts me too with both a depth and lightness of being. I am glad to say i am now happy and healthy. Life will present  challenges but i always embrace them, knowing they are taking me deeper into love and my own liberation.

One of my first lives was in Film & Television. I had a passion for the film making process and spent five years working at the BBC in London. High levels of stress and anxiety here were my wake up call. After receiving a Shiatsu i had the most amazing dream. There was a seed in my bathtub and before my eyes it grew into the most amazing beautiful tree. The next day i handed in my notice and went travelleing. On returning i dedicated the next  five years to training as a Shiatsu Pracititioner and Craniosacral Therapist and held a busy private practice in London for many years.

I have been blessed to spend time in many beautiful places around the world in the company of my dear oceanic family the Dolphins and Whales who have been my friends and allies on the this profound journey of heart awakening. I offer Meditations and Gatherings bringing people into conscious connection with the Dolphins & Whales, sharing the gifts they bring humanity at this all important time.

All that is expressed here is born of my deep love of our beautiful blue planet and connection to our glorious infinite universe. My healing is now intuitive, a culmination of many years experience in the field of Holisitic Health combined with my own heart journeying. I have a deep level of awareness, sensativity and mastery in the field of energetic awareness having healed myself of many illnesses. 

My artwork was born from a passion for dance and self-expression. Art classes at school killed my creativity. However, one day after returning from hospital after a bad Asthma attack, i put on the music and started to paint. That week i couldn't stop painting and i haven't stopped since. My paintings are displayed in hospices and sacred spaces around the world, bringing healing and love to all those who come in contact with them.

Life is simple, living in the heart and being in connection are the elixiars of life! 

"Helps others find an actual ocean of love"

"In our opinion, talking about the splendour of our kind ship with dolphins and whales and the awesome and substantial gifts they offer us does not do justice to how far-reaching the effects go. Working and relating on that level takes us into a a deep, deep heart place where neither the conscious mind nor language can follow….It takes courage and a huge open heart to be willing to serve as a guide in such a venture. We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find benefits that will change his or her life forever." The Hodges, Gentle Way Counselling, Oregon, USA.