About Me

My ART is a dance with the universe, an expression of higher dimensional energies moving through me. I am passionate about creating art for SACRED SPACES, personalised Energy Paintings infusing your space with beauty, love and radiance.

I love to dance. Whether it's on the dance floor, in the supermarket or on the beach; dance is my greatest joy. Dance allows us to fully express who we are. It helps us move through difficult feelings and energies and return once again to our core essence of LOVE & JOY.  Dancing with Creation is all about dancing HOME to who we truly are!

Through my ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS we energetically dance through the challenges that are presenting in your life. We connect with your pure creator essence so you may start to dance with life in a whole new way! 

I have a life-long connection with Dolphins & Whales. OCEANHEART DOLPHIN RETREATS include Energy Sessions and Events, allowing you to open your heart to receive the high-vibrational energies of the Cetaceans. Loving support and guidance as we navigate our way into NEW EARTH.

Finally, I offer DANCE FOR JOY Events, an open loving space, allowing you to dance your socks off and return home to you.

All that is expressed here was birthed from the wondrous, creative energies of Maui, Hawaii under the watchful eyes of the mighty Pele. Here, i went through a life-changing near death experience that enabled me to anchor deeply into the frequency of love and my own divine essence. 

My offerings are truly heartfelt, authentic and transformational…pulses of the universe travelling through my heart to yours. LET'S DANCE!

My Story

Passionate Soul Traveller

Welcome to Dancing with Creation. I am a passionate follower of the heart and soul.  I have always been guided by the deep inner callings of my soul, a journey that has taken me around the world to many powerful portal levels of consciousness. I have lived in Hawaii, The Bahamas and travelled extensively throughout the world. I have experienced both magic and miracles, adversity and extreme challenges, all divinely orchestrated to bring me home to love. 

For 10 years i suffered chronic asthma that could not be controlled either with holistic or conventional medicine. I spent much of my time in and out of emergency services. In 2016, i underwent a near death experience whilst staying on Maui. Over three days, whilst my body lay in a coma state, my spirit soared through the universe, bathed in the most exquisite love. On returning i was asthma free and have been ever since. Another transformational journey was living with my parents. As all great spiritual teachers say, "you think you're spiritual, go live with your parents", "too true!". I got to look all my old patterns in the eye; intense and challenging to say the least, but an amazing opportunity to find freedom from eons of old patterns and learn once again, the power of unconditional love.

My first life was in Film and Televison. I was passionate about the film making process but high levels of stress were my wake-up call. I left in 1991 to study Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy and held a busy practice in London for many years. My healing work is grounded in these wonderful body-centred therapies but has evolved and deepened through my own heart journeying and time with some beautiful, heart based teachers.

Since childhood, despite living miles from the ocean, i have had a profound connection with the Dolphins and Whales.  I have been blessed to spend much of my life in their presence, anchoring their energy of love and joy deep within my being. It is my greatest joy to share this connection with you with my one to one Energy Sessions, Global Pod Gatherings and Retreats. Their presence on the planet at this time is greatly assisting humanity.

My artwork is born of a passion for dance, my own self-expression and that of creator consciousness expressing through me. I create paintings for Healing Spaces, that bring loving support and awareness to both client and therapist. Click here to view paintings 

So, through my life i have come to learn that "LOVE is the greatest power in the UNIVERSE". Time and time again, i am shown this and every journey that has taken me into those dark oceanic depths, returns me once again to greater levels of love and light.  Life is simple now, living in the heart and being in connection - animals, nature, good friends and my spiritual entourage are my greatest joys.....the elixiars of life!

It is my passion to assist you in your journeying of remembering, the remembrance of who you truly are; LOVE, to provide loving, support and guidance as we move into our New Earth.

With Warm Aloha Eleana

"Helps others find an actual ocean of love"

"In our opinion, talking about the splendour of our kind ship with dolphins and whales and the awesome and substantial gifts they offer us does not do justice to how far-reaching the effects go. Working and relating on that level takes us into a a deep, deep heart place where neither the conscious mind nor language can follow….It takes courage and a huge open heart to be willing to serve as a guide in such a venture. We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find benefits that will change his or her life forever." The Hodges, Gentle Way Counselling, Oregon, USA.