Eleana Oceanheart


Visionary Artist

Welcome! I am a Visionary Artist based in East Sussex, England. I create paintings that express my heartfelt connection to our beautiful blue planet. One of my greatest joys is to create art for Sacred Spaces - paintings that bring not only beauty and elegance to your home or business but radiance and love.

I have a background in Art, but found that my creativity become stifled by rigid techniques and rules.  My passion was thankfully  re-ignited through my love of dance. As I started to express myself through the body, I begun to experience creator consciousness moving  through me - a powerful, unstoppable energy that I felt compelled to ground on canvas. 

My background in film and television as a Film Editor, gifted me with a visual acuity. My second life in Energy Medicine bought in an energetic awareness; this powerful synergy of talents is at the heart of my unique, vibrant, multidimensional works of art. 

I am a worldwide traveller and have spent many years visiting sacred sites around the world.  The energies I've received from these sacred lands, finds expression in my paintings, infusing the work with a richness both of color and energy. Hawaii, the Oceanic Realms and the Sacred Feminine feature strongly.  My paintings have been exhibited in Glastonbury, England and Maui, Hawaii both powerful vortex levels of consciousness. 

I have deep soul commitment to awakening love  My greatest journey was that through the cosmos. In 2016, an Near-Death-Experience took me to the pearly gates and back - an event that was to radically change my life. I was able to experience love not only as a tangible healing force but the most powerful force in the universe.  

One of my greatest joys and passions is my connection with the Dolphins and Whales. Their loving, light presences show up regularly in my work! 


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