Deepening into our Divinity

I love bodies! I love the way bodies communicate with us, how they hold the entire history of our lives, not just this lifetime, but all lifetimes, and how they give us the opportunity to heal deeply entrenched patterns. Did you also know that one single cell of the body contains the blueprint of the entire universe? I love to dance. Through the process of moving my body to music, I begin to clear through whatever is alive for me, the good, the bad and the ugly, and in so doing deepen into my own divinity and feelings of love and joy. My body and I have journeyed deeply in this lifetime. As many of you know I suffered from chronic asthma for many years and a whole assortment of other colorful symptoms and diseases. My body had much to express. Up until a few months ago, I had been completely free of asthma and then suddenly out of the blue, bang, this knarly being knocked on my door again. It was an intense time, navigating breathing difficulties, trying to find medical help within a failing NHS service, and balancing different drugs through the body. At first I was like WTF! However as I emerge into life again, I am witness to the incredible intelligence of my body and how this sickness gave me the opportunity to clear some deeply entrenched energies. As my lungs began to settle and I bought my loving awareness to my body, tears began to flow, and continued too for several days. Of course, we all know that lungs hold grief; her and I have been travel companions for many years, however I thought I was done. Well no, there was still more. With each wave of sadness, I felt another pocket of my lungs clear and then light begin to activate in the cells of the lungs. Suddenly my body was able to breathe again, it was pure magic! This was one of the clearest examples of how deep emotions are stored in the body and are at the root of illness. As we fully embrace our bodies, clear through old debris we are able to deepen into our core essence; our natural divinity. Listen deeply to your body, she has much to share and is the key to our liberation. All of these intense astrological configurations and energies are giving us the opportunity to experience profound levels of liberation and step into new life!

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