Love is who we truly are…..Love, Love, Love

Ok – so that sounds kind of woo woo, right! I know.   

But it is true, in our core being each and everyone is consciousness, Love.
Our life’s journey is to embrace all that stands in it’s way, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Our soul will orchestrate everything we need to experience to strip away the layers of past conditioning and experiences, so finally we can arrive home to love.   

Our beautiful bodies hold our entire history not just this lifetime but everyone we’ve ever experienced. As we start to anchor our divine presence into our bodies we have the opportunity to clear out these old memories. As old souls being in a body can be challenging we’ve had lifetimes spent in blissful states in other realms and then so so nice ones here on earth. However, the more and more we can inhabit our sacred vessel the greater opportunity we have to be free. I am passionate about breathing you back into your body so you can fully claim your sovereignty to live life with passion and purpose.    
My life journey has been wild and extraordinary. Magic and miracles, extreme challenges and adversites, the journey of the awakening soul. I am an old soul so I had alot to clear.  I’ve danced with many human situations chronic poor health, homelessness, near-death-expereinces and walked through a category 7 hurricane. Throughout the challenges I have come to know that following our heart brings so much even with the challenges. I can hand on heart say we are greatly loved by the universe, our only task is to receive, receive, receive. I have come to know that infact, love is the greatest power in the universe.

The dolphins and whales have been my friends and allies on my journey. Since childhood I connected with them on the higher dimensional planes and have been blessed to spend much of my life in holy communion. They have been the sources of incredible miracles and healing.   

My background is rich and diverse. I started life in film and television having worked at the BBC London in the early 80’s. Here my soul started to radically awaken. Chronic poor health took me down the path of holistic health and I trained in Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy. The mid 90’s I left England and started to travel around the world following my heart. In recent years I have settled in East Sussex, England next to the sea.   

Whether it’s on the dancefloor, on Zoom, through a painting, today for a wild ride home to you, home to who you truly are and fully claim your sovereignty.

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