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Eleana Oceanheart is a British born Visionary Artist. Through her connection with universal consciousness she creates mulitidimensional works of art that bring vibrancy, beauty and love to homes and businesses globally.  It is her passion to create bespoke works of art for Sacred Spaces.

 "The artwork I received from Eleana blew me away. The color and shape is vibrant, elegant, and draws you in. She is not only artistically brilliant but is tuned into the energetic's of the painting. Every time I see the artwork she created, I am stuck by a sense of magic and wonder. I feel my bones shake with joy. Thank you so much for this Eleana i will cherish it"  Shelby Robbins, Wild Turtle Healing, Colorado, USA 

Eleana facilitates Oceanheart Dolphin Retreats bringing people into conscious connection with the Dolphins & Whales, awakening them to their essential nature of Love & Joy. 

She also offers Energy Healings assisting people clear the decks of old patterns and programming so they may live their lives with peace, power & passion.

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Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey. Eleana shares her profound life-long connection with Dolphins & Whales and her life-changing NDE in Maui, Hawaii that anchored her deeply in the frequency of Love.

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Hertfordshire, England