Dancing with Creation

Welcome! I am a passionate follower of the heart and soul and a devoted seeker of truth. I am excited to assist on your journey home to the heart, to the awakening of who you truly are, love and joy. I offer Energy Healings, Group Gatherings, Whale & Dolphin Events and Art for Sacred Spaces, helping you ground into life here on Earth with more clarity, peace and joy. 

Throughout my life i have danced through many intense life situations, near death experiences, chronic health issues, homelessness etc:  These heart opening scenarios have seasoned me well, bringing depth. compassion and humour to the work!  Now it is time for a whole new dance, one with our pure creator consciousness - come dance with me!

Dancing with Light

Art by Eleana Oceanheart

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Dancing with Creation

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ART - Shelby Robbins, Wild Turtle Healing

The artwork I received from Eleana blew me away. The color and shape is vibrant, elegant, and draws you in. She is not only artistically brilliant but is tuned into the energetic's of the painting. Every time I see the artwork she created, I am stuck by a sense of magic and wonder. I feel my bones shake with joy. Thank you so much for this Eleana.

HEALING -Gentle Way Counselling, USA

"We are deeply grateful and ever in awe of Eleana as she steadfastly steps off the shore again and again to help others to find their way to an actual ocean of love that no words can capture. Anyone who takes a chance and joins her, even briefly, in any form, is likely to find benefits that will change his or her life forever."  Gentle Way Counselling, Oregon, USA

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Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey. Eleana shares her profound life-long connection with Dolphins & Whales and her life-changing NDE in Maui, Hawaii. 

Eleana offers talks globally on her New Death Experience

Jazzed up with Judy

May 22nd - Dolphins & Whales, A New Earth


Heart warming interview with Judy Anderson, Join us as we take a journey home to our sacred heart, dive into the oceanic depths with our beloved Cetaceans and return HOME to LOVE!


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